Special Thanks to  Trisha Graham (She found and returned GrannyWoman’s lost Bible---amazing story)

Marian J. S. Kersh

Betty L. McKellar

Phyllis A. S. Wheeler

Norma M. D. Aydelotte

Courtney Aydelotte

Ruth T. Gayle

Harriet Schultz (Jennings Carnegie Public Library)

Great Aunt Pearl Street

First Presbyterian Church, Jennings Louisiana

Ruth Ann Sakala (Hedges-Cossletts, Pa)

Barbara A. C. Turner (the Cossletts, Wales)

Shirley Weth (the Dunaways)

Diane Robnik (Trent Valley Archives Petersborough Ontario Canada)

Kathleen M. Witheridge (Ray Family of Whitby Ontario Canada)

Ruth K. Nevels (Nevels, Roberts, Streets)

Marilyn Symonds (Roberts)

South Park Middle School, Beaumont, Texas

Reagan High School, Houston, Texas

Mary Charles, Peterborogh Centennial Museum and Archives

Brian Winter, Whitby Library, Whitby Ontario Canada

Thelma Richard, volunteer at the Acadia Parish Library, Crowley, Louisiana

Owen Vaughan (Pembrokeshire Parish Registry lookups and other Welsh Information)

Lara Eastburn

China Kay, Rootschat photo expert

Pam Johns, Photo Identification

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