Margaret Madora Thomas
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Marian ‘Ruth’ Thomas (left) and Margaret Madora Thomas (right)

1616 Branard Avenue

Houston, Texas

Sept. 3rd, 1929

Dearest Grandfather,

    Did you think I had forgotten you. Well, I haven’t.  I just forgot to bring your address with me on our trip, therefore I could not write to you.

    We just got back in Houston last Saturday night.  Mother, and all of us except daddy went to Camp Eagle nest for two weeks.  It is near Kerrville, where I went to camp last year.  Daddy spent one day and a night with us, he expected to stay longer but his business prevented him from doing so.  We left camp last Wednesday, and went to Del Rio, Texas where we spent Wednesday night.  Del Rio is right across the border from Mexico.  All of us wanted to go into Mexico except mother, she didn’t like the idea of going over without daddy.

    I wish you could see my mother ride horse-back and do all the other things we children did.  She is the grandest sport I know of.  She hadn’t ridden in twenty years until we went to camp.  Ruth (my youngest sister) is a grand little sport also.  She learnt to swim and ride horse-back.  During the time Daddy spent at camp he and mother went canoe riding and they turned over in the middle of the river with their clothes on.  It was quite a funny scene, because mother can’t swim.  After she came up she caught hold of the canoe, then she said to Daddy “What shall I do” and Daddy said “Stand up”.  The water was not over her waist.  Among the many interesting things we did was a hike to “Sunset City” which is the highest hill around camp.  It was a very ‘beautiful’ scene from the top.  right under the cliff was a large eagle’s nest.  Ogden (my next to the youngest brother) and four other older people went in the Eagle nest.

    William (my oldest brother) spent nine weeks at Camp Eagle Nest before we joined him.  The last night of camp he was presented with a medal for being the best all around camper.  I have some pictures we took at camp.  When they are developed I will send them to you.

    After we left Del Rio, at nine o’clock Thursday morning we drove through Rock Springs Junction, Kerrville and then on to San Antonio and left for Houston Saturday morning.  Friday we visited the missions and the Buckhorn Saloon which is now a gift shop.  All in all, we had a very nice trip.

    While we were away we had our house repapered, painted, floors done over and a new garage built.  Mother and I are quite busy getting our house in order again.  Repairing a house is almost as bad as moving into a new one.

    Daddy and Ogden are going on a fishing trip this week.  They will stay at a Club near Lake Charles, Louisiana.  I am going with them, and spend a few days with Aunt Isabell.

    Aunt Isabell’s little girl fractured her arm last week.  She fell off the back porch.  It is not a bad fracture though, and she is getting along nicely.

    Aunt Isabell, her husband, her two children, and Aunt Myrtle spent two days with us before we went on our trip.


Everyone in this country is in good health, and we hope you are too.

    I will close now, and write you again soon.

Love from everyone,